End Your Struggle With Food And Drop Your Weight Forever Without Another Fad Diet Or Relying On Your Willpower.
The 12 Week Easy Weight Loss Protocol.
(For Busy Women 40+)
Over the 12 weeks, I'll share with you my proven step by step plan to drop your weight easily and mindfully, with the personalised support you need to make you 
look, feel and be the amazing. You will make this protocol yours for life...


Spend your life looking after everyone and everything else?
Give yourself a hard time, all the time?
Feel overweight and unhealthy?
Eat when you’re angry, upset, stressed or bored?
Diet, think or talk about going on a diet..all the time?
Feel like you have no willpower, self-sabotage?
Feel like you’ll never be the weight you want to be?
Sick and tired of going on yet another diet?
Feel it's all too hard?

I need to tell you right now, that you’re not alone and none of this is your fault.
Guess what I get it.

I've been there, done that and been there again!
Busy working, busy at home, busy with kids, busy looking after your parents, partners, life...

I know at times, I've left my health and waistline on the back burner. It really annoys me but it happens...

And whether we like it or not, in time our bodies will rebel. Letting us know, in any way it can, that things ain't great!

  * You feel blah and lack energy 
  * At 3, 4 and 5 pm you want to cuddle the kitchen floor
  * You don't feel like socialising with friends
  * You obsess over food and your weight all day
  * Your sleep has become sleepless
  * Walking around in a constant brain fog
  * You're moody/grumpy/teary all the time
  * You're feeling stressed and out of control
  * A night on the wine = a bloated belly
  * Your libido has gone walkabout.
  * Extra unwanted kilos snug on your hips/belly/tuckshop arms/thighs...

Do you want me to keep going?

Sound familiar?

They do for me. Something had to change. 

So I started to nourish me, from the inside out. It can be done, step-by-step, and I know you can do it too.

Yes, your life is busy, your life is full.

You’re a successful woman in so many ways. You do an amazing job of looking after everyone and everything else...

But Gorgeous, unless you’re Wonder Woman, something inevitably suffers, and it's usually you.

I’m guessing, it’s the way you feel about yourself, the noisy negative mind chatter that goes on inside your head, the way you look and ultimately your waistline - bottom, thighs, back fat :( - and yes inevitably your health. 

So now you find yourself in a place where you don’t want to be. Right here.

I've been working with women, just like you, for over 10 years who are really fed up with all the confusing dos and don'ts when it comes to weight loss.

I promise you it doesn't have to be hard...

I created The 12 Week Easy Weight Loss Protocol due to a huge desire to work more closely with women inside my tribe who were ready to do what it takes for positive and immediate change.

This change is about all of you - your mind and your body.

They go together, so we need to work on both to get the results you deserve.

There are three pillars in this program, that will bring you the success you want. 

💙 Your Mindset

💙 Your Nutrition

💙 Your Lifestyle

I give you everything you need to make weight loss happen..easily and mindfully.

And I am there, by your side, guiding, coaching, supporting and cajoling every step of the way! I am determined to get you the results and achieve the health goals you desire...

Sound good to you.. are you ready?

ps. So why protocol? Well you know I don't believe in diets and protocol to me implies exact methods, a path to follow, step by step. I want to guide you step by step and fill up your weight loss tool box so you have everything you need to take back your control and your waistline...So join me x 
What Happens In The 12 Week Protocol...

Week One - Prep For Success

Guess What? Will power runs out. It's like a battery and eventually it fails you. Get you head in the right place and you don't need will power. 

This week we do a deep dive into you. You might think this kind of stuff is woo woo, but I know with over the hundreds of women I've worked with getting their head in the right space equals results.

Together we will prep your mind and your environment for success. I make sure you everything is support you and your goals

Week Two - Your Easy Weight Loss Protocol.

This week we will explore your easy to follow protocol- step by step - that will not only make weight loss happen but make it easier than ever before.

You'll discover a new way to eat. You'll learn to fuel your body with delicious, nutrient-dense foods, that your body actually craves. You will learn how to burn fat, because in the end that is exactly what you want.
It's a simple, easy way to nourish your body and your waistline to a healthier and I know happier you.

Week Three - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 

When you make the right choices, food provides your body with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function. 

Wrong choices cause inflammation, cell breakdown and potentially disease. Think sugar, gluten and some grains...

Learn the language of food -  what foods work for you and why and discover the foods you need to avoid for vibrant health.

Week Four - Listen To Your Body.

Listen to your body, discover how to eat mindfully, and learn how you'll never have to count Kilojoules, calories, carbs, points, weigh food, drink shakes or obsess over food again.

Your body has so much to tell you, let me show you how when you really listen, weight loss happens. You will understand and know how to navigate your set point, those dreaded weight loss plateaus and say goodbye to dieting once and for all.

Week Five - Kick Your Cravings

Everyone has cravings, but where do they come from and how do we overcome them so they no longer bring us crashing down! 

Once you understand cravings and how they serve you, then you are empowered to make the change and kick them out of your ballpark! How high can you kick?   Freeeeeedom!

Week Six - Break Your Habits

Let me show you how its not your will power and what to do instead so you change change those habits forever. Discover how to break loose from those unhealthy habits that keep you stuck and keep you where you don't want to be. 

Week Seven - Emotional Eating

This week we will explore how when you change your story... you can change your body and your results.
You'll discover exactly how your emotions are sabotaging your relationship with food. 

I will share with you a proven technique that enables you to let go of these negative emotions once and for all...

Get ready to bring back your inner balance.

Week Eight - Calm Your Hormones

Are your stress levels wreaking havoc? Does it feel like you're all over the place, riding life's roller coaster at full speed? Do you own a new muffin top, back fat or tuck-shop arms? 

Are you ready to take your hormones from chaos to calm?  You don't have to live like this. Once you understand the foods that trigger and harm and discover the foods that nourish and heal you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Week Nine - Your New Lifestyle

Achieving successful, permanent weight loss is more than just the food you put in your mouth. 

How you live your life on a day to day basis has a huge impact on your waistline. How you sleep, the alcohol you drink, the way you move your body will either enhance and promote weight loss and vibrant health or detract. Discover exactly what your need to know.

Week Ten - Love Thy Self

You can shed all the weight in the world, but if you do not believe in and do not love yourself, then it's unlikely your weight loss will be permanent.

You know, oh to well, your inner critic, you know the mean one, who dominates your thoughts. You wouldn't speak to your best friend that way so why do you do it to ourselves?

Learning to truly love yourself - all of you - is possible and the process, though sometimes confronting is truly transformational. Let me show you the way..

Week Eleven - Mindset Matters

You can lose all the weight in the world, but if you don't, as you now completely understand and accept, have your mindset in the right place then permanent change has trouble sticking.

I share with you proven (yes research!) strategies that you can use on a daily basis to continue to move forward in your life in a positive and confident way.

Week Twelve - Staying In Balance

Congrats you've succeeded in becoming a healthier and slimmer you! The thing about permanent weight loss is to ensure you always have the right mindset.

So this week, among other topics to ensure future success, we will reset your goal to enable even more success. 

I will show you how you can continue with your new lifestyle way into the future as far as your eye can see.
Once You Enter The Membership Portal You'll Receive...

  •  1:1 Deep Dive Weight Loss Clarity Session - release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in the stuck rut!
  •  6 Accountability sessions - to tweak and support your journey as needed
  •  Weekly  Training Module - A variety of evergreen content - audio, powerpoint presentations, transcripts and video.
  •  Emails - To support, motivate and remind!
  •  Quick Start Guide - So that you have the 12 Week Protocol within easy reach at all times.
  •  Meal Plans - Suggested for you as a guide to build on. The hard work is done for you.
  •  Food Diary - Allows you to see where and when your habits and cravings play their part.
  •  Weight Loss Tracker - You cannot improve what you don't measure, it's time to track!
  •  Success Journal - This tool allows you to write down your thoughts, when you put pen to paper to can be very powerful.
  •  Private Exclusive Support Group  -  Share with amazing women just like you who want to support, encourage and motivate you to reach your goals. 
 And don't forget your bonuses!

  •  A coach who is determined to get you  your results ( Value: priceless)
  •  Office Hours - Access to weekly calls where I answer all your weight loss questions. If you can't be             there live, submit your question and I'll answer it for you. (value: priceless)
  •  The Weight Loss Accelerator - how to take your weight loss to the next level (scientifically                      proven)  * Shared with you in only in week 4.
  •  Recipes EBook - Full of deliciousness and health, yours to download. 
  •  Wellness EBook - lots of fab info for you take your wellness even one step further
  •  + A lot of surprises that you will enjoy along your journey.

This program gives you the three things you need to make weight loss happen...

1)   A simple to follow step by step plan devoid of any confusion and weightloss        hype!
2)   Weekly coaching contact with me to ensure you're on track and provide you          with full support.
3)   Access to a supportive community who want exactly what you want; to be            free of unwanted weight, let go of any emotional baggage and get out there              and enjoy your life the way you deserve! Simple.

Whether you want to lose 5 or 25 kilos, I want to show you the exact steps you need to take to make that happen. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and actually like who is looking back at you? Like what you see and as importantly... like how you feel, inside and out?
Here's What other Amazing Women Have To Say...
Through Caroline I have learnt life-long coping skills for handling food obstacles and stressors in my life & have a more educated view about food & how your mind plays a major part.
I now have many tools to instil new habits when faced with food temptations or struggles with my family, children, work etc. This is not a quick fix and does require you to be mindful about your food choices however I have never felt hungry or that I was depriving myself of any food groups.
In fact I now enjoy eating good healthy fats (No more Lite or skinny food for me) & I never get tired of hearing the many compliments I get from people on my weight loss.
I highly recommend anyone looking to make a lasting commitment to changing their relationship to food once and for all to give it a go….” Jo Gleeson 

This program was totally what I needed. 
I loved the quote "It does not take willpower it takes education". 
I thoroughly enjoyed the video and audio and hearing Caroline present all these great tools and information. Transcripts are awesome because I know to stay on track I will be reading and re-reading these modules so I am re-enforcing a new way of thinking and food choices.
Caroline re-enforced this time and time again. Working through cravings to understanding truly what clean food is to mentally sharing tools to positive life changing eating habits. 
I am happy I invested in this program and can honestly say I was successful in my weight loss and new healthy habits are becoming natural. 
Thank you Caroline!
In the past I have tried many different ways to drop weight, some worked but most didn't and none of them worked long term. Prior to starting the
12 week protocol I had again tried the diets that had worked in the past, however it didn't matter how much I stuck to the diet the weigh stuck to me and even found friends. Finding the 12 week protocol was a literal lifesaver.

The 12 week protocol gave me the knowledge and tools to change how, when and what I ate. The first couple of weeks I admit were pretty rough
however after that it seemed to get easier and easier as old habits died and new habits formed. As the 12 weeks progressed I found I had more
energy and more time because I wasn't always thinking about food but bestof all the unwanted weight was slowly disappearing. At the start of the
Protocol I set a goal to drop 12 kg and that is exactly what I did. Thankyou Caroline. 
I met Caroline a little over a week ago to do the one and half day workshop. Admittedly I was a little anxious as to what to expect in terms of dealing with my subconscious emotions and even more so about having to change my eating/ drinking habits .
Surprisingly both sessions went very quickly and I came away feeling both liberated from old unhelpful thought patterns as well as having the mindset that “ I can do this "
Caroline has equipped me with many strategies and tools to easily make the transition to healthier and mindful eating. She points out very clearly how to make these changes. She is very supportive, non judging, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable and has really helped set me up to change my lifestyle.
The days following the one on one sessions I have been amazed at how clear I have felt with my future direction regarding food. In a way these sessions provide some sort of circuit breaker for old eating behaviour.
Working with Caroline is definitely a worthwhile investment in your future self . Lisa. Sok.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware the above testimonials were achieved by wonderful woman making the changes, taking action.. I cannot guarantee you the same results unless you do the same!
My Guarantee To You..
This is NOT your quick, cheap do it yourself online program where you are left to your own devices and you remain overwhelmed and stuck. You’ve been there done that and that's why you're here.
This program is only for you if your are ready to change NOW, and are prepared for me to coach and keep you on your new path. I'm offering you a guarantee. If you complete the 12 week program and are not happy with your results then you are eligible for a refund. 
To be eligible for this refund, you must have attended all of your accountability sessions, at least 10 /12 group coaching calls completed all course lessons, activity sheets and homework assignments and submit to me upon request. Ie You have to do the work! :-)
This is your time...
I'm guessing if you're still here you just might agree with me...

The time is right for you right now...

Enough of the excuses, saying you have too much on, or it's not the right time, or I've tried everything else in the book why is this going to be any different?

Unlike other programs, the 12 Week Easy Weight Protocol, is a one of a kind program. I don't know of any other program out there, for busy women 40+, with this unique step by step approach, giving you every tool you need to have in your weight loss tool box, to make it happen.

I only share with you what works.

The thing is, I want success for you very much. You deserve it. We all do.

My commitment to you is as your coach, I will do everything in my power to get your the results you deserve. The rest however is up to you!

It's time to take back your control now, once and for all.

If not now.... when? 

I look forward to seeing YOU on the other side...
Caroline xx
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